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“Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction through timely delivery of consistent quality products and to continuously improvise and adhere to new quality protocols based on customer feedback.”

At HDC, all parts are tested periodically to ensure consistent quality level at all times. HDC has put in place a standard Quality Check Department to ensure better quality of the product line. Thus, helping us in:

1. Adherence to ISO (9001:2015, 14001:2015) certifications and implementation of "First Time right" policy.

2. Optimally using latest design and quality check softwares and hardwares to make better products.

3. Supervising all concerned machines.

Quality policy




At HDC, we believe in continuous improvement in our business processes and provide training to staff at regular intervals enhancing team work, boosting morale, discipline and better management that leads to higher efficiency, minimisation of waste and increased productivity output, in turn, providing higher value to our customers. Some of the practices we follow are written below:

      5’S’ - sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain
      Six Sigma - define, measure, analyse, improve and control 

      Kaizen - continuously improve business operations involving all employees
      Poka - Yoke - eliminate defects by preventing and correcting mistakes
      Red Bin Analysis - putting defective castings, analyse them and suggest quality improvement

Training policy
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